Desserts Menu

Crown Sterling Parfait   4
Chocolate chip ice cream smothered in our famous non-alcoholic wine sauce and topped with whipped cream.
Creme de Menthe Parfait   5
Our finest Creme de Menthe Liqueur layed between chocolate chip ice cream and topped with whipped cream. 
Godiva Chocolate Parfait   5
Godiva chocolate Liqueur nestled between chocolate ice cream and topped with whipped cream. 
Olde Town Cheesecake   5
Light and fluffy cheesecake nestled in a light crumb crust.
*Served with warm cherries 6 
Turtle Cheesecake   5
Creamy cheesecake with a chocolate caramel - drizzle, a dash of pecans in  an Oreo cookie crust
*Served with warm cherries 6
Bourbon Pecan Pie   5
Toasted pecan halves cover a smooth filling that is laced with Kentucky bourbon.
*Served with chocolate chip ice cream 6
Crown Royal 6
A warm, house made chocolate cupcake filled with creamy chocolate fudge sauce and served with chocolate chip ice cream.